Minds Studio for Individuals

Online learning promises a lot.

Take flexibility and the chance of landing your dream career with an eye-watering salary for starters. (Top AI professionals can now command £200k+)

Sadly, most people fail. Only 9% of online courses are ever completed.

Getting started is easy but staying committed is tough.

What you need to succeed...

Minds Studio for Individuals provides structure, personalised coaching and the opportunity to connect with like-minded people who are on the same challenging journey as you. This powerful combination ensures accountability, enabling you to thrive with online learning.

Not only that, but it can get you there upto 3x faster than going it alone.

How we do it…

Personalised Learning Plans

A Minds Studio advisor will build you a personalised learning plan that takes into account your individual learning style, lifestyle and career aspirations.

Weekly Sessions

Weekly 1-2 hour sessions led by Minds Studio experts will bring you together with like-minded learners. Here, you’ll master the most effective learning methods and overcome your biggest challenges as group.

1:1 Coaching

To keep you firmly on track. You’ll get 1:1 time with a Minds Studio expert. It’s the ultimate accountability technique.

Learn upto 3x faster than going it alone

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In Collaboration With Leading Ed-tech Organisations

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I’m currently studying with… Udacity/edx/Coursera/FutureLearn etc, is this right for me?

Yes, we can work with any course provider.

Do I need to be currently studying or enrolled in an online course to sign-up to Minds Studio?

No. We can help you pick out an appropriate course based on your past experience and the skills you intend to learn.

Where will Minds Studio classes take place?

Hand-picked, productivity optimised environments, conveniently located in London Zone 1.

When can I expect to hear about new class intakes?

Not long. We expect to announce our next intake within 2-4 weeks. Sign-up for email updates.

How long will Minds Studio for Individuals take to complete?

The length of your journey depends upon the learning topic you are tackling. We have experience helping students re-skill and up-skill in less than one year. You will be able to choose your own rhythm adjusted to your individual needs.