Welcome to Minds Studio! We have been dedicated to researching, designing, and implementing innovative learning experiences in collaboration with forward-thinking companies since 2019:

Engaging Learning Communities

We specialize in creating dynamic and inclusive learning communities that prioritize the needs and engagement of its members.

With our wealth of experience, we have developed effective strategies to design, support, and enhance learning ecosystems that have the power to transform lives through exceptional education.

Some of our projects include:

EdTech Garageis a non-profit helping startup builders in the idea stage & founders in pre-seed/seed stage within K12, higher education, corporate education and lifelong learning.
We are empowering +100 early stage founders in different parts of Europe.

Bitfount exists to safely unlock the value of data for the benefit of humankind.
Bitfount has trusted Minds Studio to help them build their learning community.

Once Bitten is one of the leading podcasts about Bitcoin, hosted by Daniel Prince.

Since January 2021, we have been hosting weekly sessions to learn about Bitcoin with this community.

PAZ trains refugee professionals looking to adapt their knowledge and experience to the needs of Europe’s tech industry.
Since April 2020, we have been running weekly Online Learning Groups with +200 professionals.

Transformative Learning Architecture

We partner with companies that are ready to revolutionize their students’ learning journeys.

Drawing from over 12 years of experience and extensive research, our team identifies the pain points of learners and innovates tailor-made solutions. We continuously improve their experience, guided by solid principles and cutting-edge insights.

We have already worked with:

Minerva Schools at KGI is a university program headquartered in San Francisco, California.

We designed experiential learning programs for Minerva Schools at KGI in London.

Galileo is a Global, Forward-Thinking School For Self-Directed Learners.

Minds Studio participated in the design and implementation of the HGS2020, the Family Experience days and InspirEd.

Scoolinary is the leading online academy for the hospitality industry.

We helped Scoolinary design and implement Scoolinary PRO, a new product that combines video-courses with live fun challenges.

Aesthetic Intelligence, created by Pauline Brown, aims to develop Aesthetic Intelligence learning experiences.

Minds Studio guides AI Labs on the Learning Experience infrastructure.

Advancing Learning Research

As passionate advocates of the science of learning, we make it accessible to all. By collaborating with leading institutions, we contribute to important research projects that validate and enhance our foundational knowledge. Additionally, we provide decision-makers with invaluable insights into best practices, key players, and the latest trends in the ever-evolving Ed-tech market.

Our most recent research projects are:

We are developing a map of the higher education projects challenging the status quo around the world.

The Future of Work shares nine strategic “plays” that business leaders can take to achieve a future of work that works for everyone.

UNIR is a private open university in Spain focused on online education, with over 45,000 distance learning external students, 12,000 of them overseas.
We were commissioned to design and produce the first “Futures of Higher Education” report in 2020.

Telefónica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world.
We worked on several strategic research projects for Telefónica, as well as the Telefónica Foundation, presented to the Board of Directors.

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