Adopting Bitcoin and Lightning Payments.

At Minds Studio, we believe in the importance of defending individual freedom and the independence of education and money from any governmental interests.

“Bitcoin is a payment network and a new kind of money. It uses technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin and everyone can take part.” *1

Since 2021, Minds Studio has been hosting a weekly virtual Bitcoin Learning Group. In 2022, we have been exploring the Bitcoin Lightning Network, aiming to offer Bitcoin Payments for our products and services, and spread adoption.

The day has arrived and Minds Studio now has all the systems in place to say that, from now on, all our projects can be financed using Bitcoin. We also plan to double down on our efforts to spread the usage of this native digital asset as currency, especially to increase equality in segments of the population without access to the banking system.

Why we are doing this

Minds Studio aims to empower inclusive life-changing learning communities using learning science and technology. We have seen with our own eyes how Ed-tech projects can have a huge impact in the future of people’s lives, in a short period of time.

We have witnessed this change in the Tech sector with the spread of the Internet. Those learning the skills on demand during the growth of this network, joining a tech-savvy community, have drastically improved their lives in the last decades.

If, as we envision, blockchain-backed technologies become the base layer of the financial system, those learning about it early on will build a thriving community with a huge impact in their lives and in how society works.

What our plan is

We have developed the infrastructure so every project developed at Minds Studio will count on a project hub page -similar to this one- with the different financing options available in different currencies.

Using a Cloud Infrastructure (Voltage and our own instance of the Open Source technology of BTC Pay Server), we are now able to receive instant payments in Minds Studio without any bank or third party involved. In order to favor those using Bitcoin, we will apply a 10% discount to any Minds Studio fees during the initial roll-out.

We are now ready to start helping others learn about this technology, and partner with companies and institutions building Bitcoin-friendly communities around the world.

Long Trip

Why can we add value

We are an interdisciplinary network of independent engineers, computer scientists, data scientists, entrepreneurs, learning designers, experience designers and makers from more than 10 countries with experience in building products at scale.

In the last 10 years, we have participated in some of the fastest growing global Ed-tech projects, and we have experience in the creation of sustainable businesses models. We would like to apply that expertise to empower the Bitcoin community and accelerate its growth.

Bitcoin Studio Timeline

This is a summary of Minds Studio learning journey, that we intend to keep updated with each Bitcoin-based project we develop.

Nov 2020



We Learned about Bitcoin through the Once Bitten Podcast, and read the Bitcoin Standard, Layered Money and the Price of Tomorrow.

Jan 2021


Launched the Bitcoin Learning Group

With an initial gathering of 6 people, we started meeting weekly in order to explore together the different applications and underlying technologies of Bitcoin.

Oct 2021


Built our own full Bitcoin Node

As part of the Bitcoin Learning Group experience, we built our first node using a Raspberri Pi and Umbrel.

Oct 2022


Building a cloud-based Bitcoin & Lightning Point of Sale

In order to be able to integrate Bitcoin at Minds Studio, we build a cloud-based Bitcoin node using Voltage, and an instance of BTC Pay Server on top of it.

Next steps

We would like to work with individuals and organisations interested in spreading bitcoin adoption and interested in designing bitcoin learning experiences and communities.

Bitcoin-Studio financial status

Minds Studio has invested in the initial steps of this learning journey, and we are looking for partners and clients aligned to our vision to help us finance the new Bitcoin-based initiatives at the Studio:

Create a Bitcoin Learning Group (%)100
Build a Bitcoin Node and connect it to the network(%)100
Build Minds Studio Lightning Infrastructure (%)100

Help us finance our Bitcoin-based projects!

Partner with us

Are you interested in joining us to bring Bitcoin-based projects to life? Please let us know by filling out this simple form and we’ll be in touch to get to know you and how we could work together.



Project Lead

Alvaro Sanmartin

Founder @ Minds Studio


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The Minds Studio Network

In addition to the project lead and contributors, Minds Studio counts on a network of +20 members in +10 countries who are aligned to the Minds Studio Purpose and might be involved whenever a project needs them.

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Bitcoin can be a very deep and confusing rabbit hole to fall into.This podcast is for people who are looking for answers. Daniel Prince, author of Choose Life, is on a mission to share real life stories of how Bitcoin has changed and shaped individuals and families lives forever.

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