Compostela Business School

EDEX offers tailored study abroad programs including higher education and language learning services. It counts with +22 offices in 16 countries, and has served to +8000 students in the last 12 years. With that expertise, a new spinoff started in 2023: The Compostela Business School.

Minds Studio is interested in contributing to the learning experience and community building aspect of Compostela Business School and would like to be involved in creating an unforgettable learning journey for its students.

Why we are doing this

Minds Studio’s purpose is to combine interdisciplinary talent to research, design and implement life-changing learning experiences in collaboration with fearless companies. We work with companies who dare to create new schools and programs focused on radically transforming students’ lives by combining learning science and technology.

EDEX has indicated the aim to create a personalised approach to each student’s learning journey, combining an academic specialised curriculum with a thriving learning community. At Minds Studio we would like to contribute with our expertise to the Compostela Business School in order to build a successful and sustainable higher education institution.

What our plan is

We plan to spend 6 months integrated with the project stakeholders and providing our input to the existing Compostela Business School leadership team. During the initial 6 months we will also attempt to define our contribution to the next stage of the project, adding as much value as possible in the initial stages of its definition.

At Minds Studio we have contributed to the definition, piloting and launch of 3 different higher education projects starting from scratch in the US (Minerva) , the UK (London Interdisciplinary School) and Spain (Unir) during the last 10 years.

As the initial intake of students at Compostela Business School will join in February 2023, we are planning to help the Learning Experience Design team at CBS in the design and implementation of a project-based learning experience applied to the sectors of technology, fashion and agrotech. In order to do that we will:

Deliverable 1 – research findings

Research the best practices in other project-based higher education projects and present them to the leadership team to decide which ones to apply at CBS.

deliverable 2 – learning pathway

Support the Learning Experience Design team in the design of the different learning pathways for the students related to the targeted sectors.

deliverable 3 – learning model at scale

Co-create with the leadership team a scalable learning business model that allows Compostela Business School to grow the number of sectors offered to its students as the business school increases its size.

Why can we add value?

Creating a new school is a complex endeavor. It requires to combine different approaches (academic, strategic, technological, marketinian, operational, etc.) to deliver a unique and differentiated experience.

We are an interdisciplinary network of independent engineers, computer scientists, data scientists, entrepreneurs, learning designers, experience designers and makers from more than 10 countries with experience in building products at scale.

In the last 10 years, we have participated in some of the fastest growing global Ed-tech projects, and we have experience in the creation of sustainable businesses models. We would like to apply that expertise to empower the Compostela Business School community and accelerate its growth.

Project Timeline

Nov 2022

Definition Phase

First meetings to understand the vision of the Compostela Business School, meet the team and define the initial scope of the project.

Jan 2023


Validation Phase

validated the initial assumptions with stakeholders and refined the scope of the collaboration

Feb 2023


Pilot Phase

We will start contributing to Compostela Business School on the research and implementation of a project-based learning model applied to technology, fashion and agrotech to start with.


Growth Phase

To be determined after the results of the initial pilot.

Project financial status

Definition (% Completed)100
Validation (% Completed)80

Current project funding needs:

After our initial conversations, we would like to suggest we continue with the following plan:

6 months


To finance the Pilot Phase

  • Flat Fee, no surprises
  • Validated project assumptions and provide feedback
  • Held regular meetings to integrate with the CBS team
  • As many meetings with the stakeholders as necessary for the project
  • Reported to the CEO in a monthly setting


Before purchasing please review the Minds Studio Business Terms Contract , fill your business details and sign them digitally via Docusign.

Minds Studio Contributors


Patrycja WierzchaƂek

Learning Experience Designer & Community Builder

I am versed in instructional design, curriculum development, community management, and facilitation work at remote, growing EdTech businesses ?


Alvaro Sanmartin

Learning Experience Strategy

I spend my life finding and testing better ways of learning that help people develop new skills to radically improve their lives.

The Minds Studio Network

In addition to the project lead and contributors, Minds Studio counts on a network of +25 members in +10 countries who are aligned to the Minds Studio Purpose and might be consulted when necessary.