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Learning about the balance between body, the mind and complex systems

E Q V I L I B R O’s purpose is to create a world with more balance, and they believe this can only be achieved by working together as a community. Crafted in Mexico, the retreats designed by EQVILIBRO combine external and internal elements to rebalance people’s lives in an unforgettable environment.

At E Q V I L I B R O’s retreats, participants engage in a variety of activities aimed at personal growth and holistic well-being. These activities include mapping and assessing 11 lines of life, facilitating purpose emergence, aligning life with purpose, defining roles and goals, and exploring masculine and feminine energy dynamics. Additionally, attendees have the opportunity to experience transformative practices such as Temazcal ceremonies, sound healing sessions, ecstatic dance, sunrise meditation, ice bath immersion, and Holotropic breathing, all aimed at fostering inner balance, rejuvenation, and self-discovery.


Why we work with E Q V I L I B R O

In advanced societies, the pursuit of equilibrium in modern life poses a significant challenge amidst the fast-paced nature of contemporary living. The relentless pressure to excel in various domains, including career, relationships, and personal development, often leads to heightened stress levels, burnout, and a sense of disconnection from oneself and others. The pervasive influence of technology, while enhancing connectivity, also contributes to a constant state of distraction and information overload, making it difficult to find moments of peace and inner stillness.

Moreover, societal norms and expectations often prioritize productivity and material success over holistic well-being, perpetuating a culture of overwork and neglect of essential aspects of life such as self-care, leisure, and meaningful human connections. Consequently, achieving equilibrium in modern life requires a conscious effort to strike a balance between ambition and self-care, productivity and leisure, and digital connectivity and mindful presence, thereby fostering a more sustainable and fulfilling way of living.

At Minds Studio, our mission is to engage in projects that promote holistic well-being by fostering a balanced mind and body. We honestly believe that helping the community development initiatives led by E Q V I L I B R O serve as integral partners in achieving this purpose.

“Collaborating with Minds Studio feels good because they strike the perfect balance between empathy and effectiveness. They take the time to truly understand your mission and goals, and then they throw their full support behind you. When you interact with them, you can sense that they genuinely listen and care about your journey, and they’re dedicated to helping you succeed. They not only handle every aspect with precision but also approach it with careful consideration of your needs. Working with Minds Studio feels like having a dedicated partner by your side, rather than just hiring external consultants. It’s a truly rewarding partnership that feels like an extension of your own team.”

Ricky Sperber

Founder at E Q V I L I B R O

What we worked on

Retreat Program Design

The transformation journey commences with an immersive in-person retreat in Mexico, likely held at the stunning Attesi Lodge, situated just 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Mexico City. Nestled in an inspiring environment, this retreat serves as a catalyst for personal growth and renewal.

Minds Studio collaborated with the CEO of this groundbreaking experience to design key components of the program, which were successfully implemented in a hybrid format during the initial two iterations of the retreat.

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Strategic Project

E Q V I L I B R O Labs

The journey doesn’t end in the retreat. Following the in-person experience, the program seamlessly transitions into an online format, ensuring sustained support and continuity for the transformative changes initiated during the retreat. With a commitment to providing ongoing guidance and live online content for several months post-retreat, our aim is to cultivate a vibrant learning community that transcends the confines of a mere holiday, fostering lasting inspiration and growth.

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Project Contributors


Mariah Levin

Mariah is a communicator, a dancer and facilitator. She has experience in community and learning design.


Alvaro Sanmartin

My life’s work revolves around discovering and experimenting with innovative learning methods that empower individuals to acquire new skills, ultimately transforming their lives for the better.

The Minds Studio Network

In addition to the project lead and contributors, Minds Studio relies on a network of over 50 professionals spanning across 15 countries. These individuals are aligned with the purpose of Minds Studio and are available to participate in projects when needed.