F.R.E.E. Madeira is a non-profit organization focused on Bitcoin adoption and education in the region. It functions as an advisory board to the Madeiran government as well as to several other institutions on the island, public and private.

For the first time in its history, Madeira is not bound by its geographic location and can fight in the same global arena as all other jurisdictions. It’s the government’s goal to introduce Madeira as a worldwide reference for the new digital future, and the aim is to make our archipelago a leader in technology and quality of life.

F.R.E.E Madeira aims to help everyone on the island with the transition to the new monetary paradigm, from retailers to politicians, as well as the man on the street. Making Madeira more attractive to Bitcoiners and Bitcoin businesses is one of the main goals of the organization, transforming Madeira into beacon of freedom and self-sovereignty in Europe

Why we are doing this

At Minds Studio, we believe in the importance of defending individual freedom and the independence of education and money from any governmental interests.

Minds Studio aims to empower inclusive life-changing learning communities using learning science and technology. Having seen with our own eyes how Ed-tech projects can have a huge impact in the future of people’s lives, it is our aim to accelerate that change in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

We’ve witnessed this change before in the Tech sector with the spread of the Internet. Those learning the skills on demand during the growth of this network, joining a tech-savvy community, have drastically improved their lives in the last decades.

What our plan is

After an initial assessment of the F.R.E.E Madeira needs, several workstreams have been identified where we’d like to provide support in order to grow the organisation steadily:

1. Tech Architecture Infrastructure

We intend to help F.R.E.E Madeira in building a technology infrastructure suited for the project’s needs, understanding this is an early stage project.

Having already started building a database infrastructure, we would like to extend it to link different activities and workstreams into a modular ecosystem.

2. Education Architecture

The project envisions several workstreams related to education projects: meetups, podcasts, conferences, etc. that will be linked together to help F.R.E.E Madeira achieve its overarching goal: a Bitcoin centric learning community with Madeira at its epicentre.

3. Community Assets

At Minds Studio, we help organisations build community assets that can be used over time, increasing the value of the community to the different stakeholders.

Long Trip

Why can we add value?

We are an interdisciplinary network of independent engineers, computer scientists, data scientists, entrepreneurs, learning designers, experience designers and makers from more than 10 countries with experience in building products at scale.

Having taken part in some of the fastest growing global Ed-tech projects in the last 15 years, we have experience in the creation of sustainable businesses models. We would like to apply that expertise to empower the Bitcoin community and accelerate its growth.

Project Timeline

Jan 2022


Ideation Phase

Visited Madeira at the beginning of January to understand the current state of affairs and meet the different stakeholders

Jan 2022


Validation Phase

Agreed on an initial budget and scope of work to start adding value to the existing community.

Feb 2022


Pilot Phase

After having provided an initial foundation, we’ll kickstart the different workstreams related to the needs of F.R.E.E madeira related to Ed-Tech and community building.

Current funding needs:

Please note we accept Bitcoin and any other fiat currency:

1 month

0.08 BTC

Agreed to finance the Validaton Phase

  • Flat Fee, no surprises
  • Ed-Tech Architecture advice & initial deploy with existing tools
  • Hold regular meetings to integrate with the F.R.E.E Madeira team
  • As many meetings with the stakeholders as necessary for the project


Before purchasing please review the Minds Studio Business Terms Contract , fill your business details and sign them digitally via Docusign.

Minds Studio Contributors


Alvaro Sanmartin

Learning Experience Strategy

I spend my life finding and testing better ways of learning that help people develop new skills to radically improve their lives.

The Minds Studio Network

In addition to the project lead and contributors, Minds Studio counts on a network of +25 members in +10 countries who are aligned to the Minds Studio Purpose and might be consulted when necessary.

This project has already been supported by:

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At Minds Studio we research, design and implement learning experiences in collaboration with fearless companies. We aim to empower learning ecosystems to prevent polarization and allow real diversity & equity in society.

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