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Minerva Univeristy is building a lasting organization with students at its center. By always considering students first, focusing on their learning and development, and doing what is best for their ongoing success, it nurtures critical wisdom for the sake of the world. Minerva University’s mission is delivered through two entities:

Minerva University, a not-for-profit liberal arts university, offering a reinvented undergraduate and graduate experience for bright and motivated students from over 80 countries. Minerva’s undergraduate offering combines an interdisciplinary curriculum focused on developing and applying transferable skills; the highest academic standards; an accomplished faculty versed in the science of learning; a global, urban residential experience that traverses seven countries; and an online active learning environment, that together, result in deep and long-lasting learning.

Minerva Project, a for-profit educational innovator, designs, develops, and delivers educational programs with partner institutions globally. By partnering with forward-thinking and mission-aligned undergraduate, graduate, executive education, and high school partners around the world, Minerva Project shares its expertise in new program creation, institutional transformation, and change management using a consultative approach.

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Why we work with Minerva

Minds Studio’s purpose is to inspire human minds to follow their curiosity. Since Minerva University’s first class in 2014, Minds Studio has been supporting Minerva University in different ways, as its principles deeply resonate with the kind of projects we would like to support.

Minerva University’s stakeholders are unconventional, thoughtful, confident, human, selective, authentic and driven, and willing to achieve the extraordinary. Similarly, Minds Studio shares many of those attributes, and that is the reason why two Minerva University graduates have been hired to work on Minds Studio projects, and another two recently joined the Minds Studio network.

What we are currently working on

Master in Science of Decision Analysis London Immersion Week

The Masters in Decision Analysis (MDA) program offered by Minerva University is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of decision-making processes in complex and uncertain environments. Through a combination of theory, practical applications, and hands-on experience, the program equips students with the skills and tools necessary to make effective decisions across various fields.

Minds Studio organised several activities at the London Immersion Week 2023. Given the good feedback from those activities, Minerva University is interested in exploring a potential partnership for the London Immersion Week 2024. The goal is to meet leading professionals (specific challenges they have faced, problems they have/are solving, and their decision making strategies), give an overview of what they do, challenge the students’ thinking, and expose them to new ways of doing.

In 2023, Minds Studio organized various engaging activities for London Immersion Week 2023. Following the positive reception, Minds Studio is collaborating with Minerva University for London Immersion Week 2024. The objective remains to facilitate interactions between students and industry leaders, offering insights into their unique challenges, problem-solving techniques, and decision-making processes. This collaboration aims to broaden students’ horizons, encouraging them to consider new perspectives and innovative approaches in their professional journeys.

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Strategic Project

Feedback from the Minerva Community

“It’s been a complete pleasure to collaborate with Minds Studio in London on programming for Minerva University undergraduate and graduate students in London since 2018! The innovation, collaboration, collegiality, counsel and friendship has been something cherished by students, staff and faculty alike. Thank you!”

Matthew Erskine

Assistant Dean, Student Life at Minerva University

“The first thing that caught my attention about Minds Studio was how much of a mission driven organisation it is. I was so impressed with the range of initiatives that the Studio had been working on, and how much they are all so value-aligned. It is rare to find an organisation that is value aligned, has a model that works, and allows the folks in Minds Studio to engage in projects that are interesting to them.”

Mariah Levin

Graduate Program Community Manager at Minerva University

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What have we done together so far?


Introduction to the funding cohort

Minds Studio’s founder shared his views about the future of learning and how to grow online learning platforms in San Francisco.


London Partnership

Minds Studio hosted some of the Minerva University’s activities with students at Skills Matter.


Launched of the 1st London Partners Network

In 2019, we helped the Minerva University’s team reach out to the first network of partners in London and we built experiential learning activities in the city.

May – Sept 2020

Hired the 1st Minerva University Grad Student

After mentoring her during her degree’s last stages, The first Minerva University Alumni joined Minds Studio to help us design a new activity for a self-directed online school with one of our clients. We also attended the Minerva University Graduation and Civitas that year as Partners.

Sept – Dec 2020

Hosted the 1st Minerva University’s Edtech online group

As part of the support to the Minerva University Community, we met regularly with students interested in Edtech to discuss about different topics. We also participated in the first Minerva University London Partners’ gathering hosted via Forum. Minerva University’ students can see the notes of this project here.

Mar 2021

Featured Minerva at the Futures of Higher Ed report

In collaboration with UNIR, we showcased Minerva University’s innovative approach and ethos at the “Nueva Revista” publication, reaching students and decision makers in Spain and Latin America. You can download it here.

Mar 2022

Featured Minerva Project at Starting Up Universities publication

This research is conduced in collaboration with UNIR, and will showcase 6 case-studies of innovative universities of different parts of the world.

Nov 2022

Hired the 2nd Minerva University Alumni Student

After meeting her at Europe’s EdtechX contest, Patrycja Wierzchalek joined the Minds Studio Network to work on the design of Edtech programs for Andela‘s and Edtech Garage‘s communities.

Mar 2023

Hosted Minerva University Graduate Students London Immersion Week

We prepared several learning experiences for the first year of the Master of Science in Decision Analysis and the Certificate in Decision Analysis‘ postgraduate students visiting London

Technical & Financial Project Details

If you are a member of Minerva University or Minerva Project, please access the project private area to learn more about the currently active project proposals and financial details.

Minds Studio Contributors


Patrycja Wierzchałek

Learning Experience Designer & Community Builder

I am versed in instructional design, curriculum development, community management, and facilitation work at remote, growing EdTech businesses

Minerva Graduate


Alvaro Sanmartin

Learning Experience Strategy

I spend my life finding and testing better ways of learning that help people develop new skills to radically improve their lives.


Frances Pak

Instructional designer hoping to contribute to designing environments in which humans can flourish.

Minerva Graduate


Mariah Levin

Mariah is a communicator, a dancer and facilitator. She has experience in community and learning design.

The Minds Studio Network

In addition to the project lead and contributors, Minds Studio counts on a network of +50 professionals in +15 countries who are aligned to the Minds Studio Purpose and might participate in the project when necessary.