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The new training programs for apprentices around the world

“The future of learning is working” declares the slogan of Multiverse, one of the pioneering companies in apprenticeships, featured in this project. What does this term bring that is new compared to the traditional “internships” that many of us have undertaken in our early professional steps?

Firstly, it is presented as a comprehensive alternative for learning a trade, challenging the university value proposition without any cost to the student, amidst one of the highest historical inflations in higher education. In fact, many of these initiatives, which the reader will find below, compensate the student for several months or years while they learn and work. We have selected various variations of this concept in countries such as France (Openclassrooms), the United States (Franklin), or Singapore (AI Singapore), not forgetting Spain and Latin America (Qualentum).

Likewise, legislation is evolving in some countries such as the United Kingdom, which in recent years has developed initiatives such as the “Apprenticeship Levy” and “Degree Apprenticeships” to learn skills for the so-called last mile that allows rapid access to employment. It is worth noting that students in these UK programs obtain a university degree upon completion, similar to a full-time student’s graduation.

In contrast to these highly competitive programs with high job placement rates (above 90% in many cases), we have included two different articles that focus on different demographics. The first is about “virtual employment internships,” which bring internships to students in places where access to the job market is more challenging, and the second is about “career-connected learning” for pre-university students.

These programs have reported higher rates of inclusion and diversity than traditional university programs.


We have initially reached out to the Minds Studio Network, in search of the most innovative Modern Apprenticeship Programs. We have compared the answers of our members with existing public rankings, and featured an initial list of 5 Modern Apprenticeship Programs, that we aim to grow via open contributions (see below) to create a collaborative and comprehensive map of the most innovative Modern Apprenticeship Programs around the globe.

We have also provided the opportunity to each of those selected companies or institutions to write an article about the most important aspects of their value proposition. You can find their articles by clicking on the links below.

The initial modern apprenticeship programs showcased

Various companies around the world have pioneered innovation in different regions, and while the ones listed below are notable, we recognize that there are many more. Our goal is to identify and highlight a diverse range of players. Here is our initial selection of projects:

We will provide, for now, an initial description and ethos of each of these alternatives to traditional higher education institutions, that we will extend once each of them have provided their contributions.

OpenClassrooms 🇫🇷🇺🇸

Openclassrooms’ apprenticeship program is a pioneering initiative available in France and The United States that combines theoretical learning with practical experience, offering a dynamic pathway to skill development and career entry.

Covering diverse fields like technology and digital marketing, the program emphasizes flexibility through an online platform and fosters direct industry exposure through partnerships with leading companies. This innovative approach ensures participants gain in-demand skills and seamlessly transition into the workforce, reflecting Openclassrooms’ commitment to redefining education for the evolving professional landscape.

Multiverse 🇬🇧🇺🇸

Multiverse’s apprenticeship program stands as a trailblazing model in the realm of professional development, placing a strong emphasis on a unique blend of theoretical learning and practical work experience. With a track record of having trained over 15,000 apprentices in the past seven years, Multiverse has garnered significant recognition. The program spans various industries, providing apprentices with the opportunity to hone their skills in a real-world setting, making them highly employable upon completion.

What sets Multiverse apart is its commitment to challenging the conventional value proposition of traditional universities. The apprenticeship program offers a cost-free alternative for students, presenting a comprehensive learning experience while they work. Multiverse’s success is underscored by its valuation at $1.7 billion, reflecting the program’s effectiveness and impact in preparing individuals for the workforce in a rapidly changing economic landscape.

AI Singapore 🇸🇬

Launched in May 2017, AI Singapore brings together all Singapore-based research institutions and the vibrant ecosystem of AI start-ups and companies developing AI products to perform use-inspired research, grow knowledge, create tools, and develop the talent to power Singapore’s AI efforts.

The AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP)® was created to meet AI Singapore’s requirements for AI professionals. It grew out of a need for a core group of Singaporean AI talents working in AI Singapore, solving both Singapore’s and Singapore companies’ problem statements with AI.

Of the nearly 280 Singaporean AI apprentices trained to date, AI Singapore has retained around 50 of these apprentices as our AI Engineers in various AI Engineering roles such as AIML Ops, AI modelling,  Data Engineering and AI Products teams. Many take on the role of mentors to train in-coming batches of apprentices.

Qualentum 🇪🇸🇲🇽🇨🇴

At Qualentum, they specialize in identifying, recruiting, and hiring digital and technological talents focusing on Spain and LATAM. On one hand, they provide incredible job opportunities for both individuals entering the workforce and those who already come with experience.

On the other hand, companies also benefit because with Qualentum’s formula, they no longer have to search for a needle in a haystack; instead, they can build teams with individuals ready to give their best from day one.

Ultimately, the goal at Qualentum is to assist talented individuals in transforming their professional profiles to become highly competitive in today’s job market. Qualentum aims for professionals to find employment with a promising future from the very moment they engage with their services, allowing them to feel fulfilled, satisfied with their salaries, and ultimately, to be happy.

Franklin Apprenticeships 🇺🇸

Franklin Apprenticeships offers a distinctive apprenticeship program designed to bridge the gap between education and industry needs. With a focus on information technology, digital marketing, and advanced manufacturing, Franklin provides a tailored learning experience for apprentices. The program emphasizes a hands-on approach, allowing participants to gain practical skills and real-world experience, making them well-equipped for the demands of today’s competitive job market.

What sets Franklin Apprenticeships apart is its commitment to creating pathways for individuals to excel in high-demand fields. The program incorporates a unique “earn and learn” model, ensuring that apprentices not only receive valuable training but also earn a wage during the learning process. By partnering with employers, Franklin facilitates a seamless transition for apprentices into the workforce, fostering a dynamic and effective learning environment that aligns with the evolving needs of industries in the digital age.

Other Career-Connected Learning Programs

Although apprenticeships have been the core of our research for 2024, we’ve found along the way several projects that we’d like to showcase, as they are valid alternatives taylored for other audiences.

The initial modern career connected programs showcased


Internships are similar but fundamentally different to apprenticeships. Both initiatives provide valuable experience in an industry, but they are built in a different way. Although apprenticeships will more probably land you a job and a certificate at the end, internships are more accessible and not as high-stakes. Depending on your age and life situation, that could be a more accessible and appropriate route.

Paid vs often not paid

Apprentices are paid for their contribution, while interns are often times not.

Qualifications vs work experience

Apprentices work towards a qualification, that is received at the end of the training period, while internships are considered work experience without a qualification associated.


Internships are generally shorter than apprenticeships, which can last up to several years.

Conversion to full employment

In general, apprenticeships are geared towards full employment, while internships tend to fill the gaps of short term needs in companies.


Although internships face less competition than apprenticeships, both kinds of learning experiences are more inclusive than other traditional employment processes.

Virtual Internships 🇬🇧

Virtual Internships, founded in 2018, is a leading global platform that connects students with remote internship opportunities, offering a diverse range of experiences across various industries. The company’s mission is to bridge the gap between traditional education and professional development by leveraging technology to provide students with practical work experience from the comfort of their homes. Virtual Internships ensures that students gain valuable skills, build professional networks, and enhance their employability in an increasingly competitive job market.

Virtual Internships facilitates the entire internship process seamlessly. The platform not only matches students with suitable opportunities but also provides essential tools for remote collaboration, mentorship, and skill development. By embracing the virtual format, the company aims to democratize access to internships, breaking down geographical barriers and creating a global talent pool.

Portal Learning 🇺🇸

Portal Learning bridges the gap between education and employment by bringing together high school students and leading employers to develop the career pipelines needed to fuel economic growth and increase income mobility for the next generation of young people.

On the one hand, schools partner with Portal because they know that students need access to high quality, aligned, and personalized opportunities in high school that propel them to the future of their dreams.

On the other hand, employers partner with Portal because they know that investment in talent is long-term. And the best employers secure the young talent through authentic engagement and commitment that inspires loyalty and creates early talent pipelines.

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