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The Universidad de la Rioja in Logroño (UNIR), Spain, is a private university known for its quality education, research excellence, and commitment to innovation. Offering diverse undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs across various disciplines, the university promotes internationalization through partnerships and exchange programs. It conducts innovative research projects addressing societal challenges and advancing knowledge and technology.

The mission of UNIR (Universidad Internacional de La Rioja) is to provide accessible, quality education through innovative teaching methodologies and advanced technology, fostering personal and professional development for individuals worldwide. UNIR is committed to promoting lifelong learning, research, and social responsibility, preparing students to excel in their chosen fields and contribute positively to society.

At Minds Studio, we collaborate closely with the University’s leadership team on a diverse array of strategic initiatives aimed at keeping UNIR at the forefront of its field.


Why we worked with UNIR

According to research (Calderon, 2018), The growing demand of Higher Education is going to continue exponentially over the next 20 years, particularly in developing markets.

At Minds Studio, we are dedicated to exploring global trends, innovative learning methodologies, and cutting-edge products. Our goal is to equip UNIR with the tools and insights necessary to effectively meet the expanding needs of Higher Education students in Spain and Latin America.

What we worked on

Our collaboration with UNIR’s leadership team began in 2020, and we’re pleased to share some of the outcomes of this partnership.

Futures of Higher Education, 2020

In this public report, we’ve looked into the purpose of higher education and the evolving global trends that are reshaping its ecosystem. Additionally, we’ve identified the key variables driving rapid changes among the diverse stakeholders involved. Moreover, we’ve scrutinized how contemporary political, economic, social, and technological shifts are bolstering specific higher education initiatives. Finally, we’ve developed actionable recommendations stemming from our analysis, tailored for individuals in leadership positions within academic institutions or regulatory bodies.

Read the Full Report HERE (🇪🇸 Spanish version).

#Learning #Research #Equity

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Strategic Project

#Learning #Research #Technology

Strategic Projects -Under NDA-, 2021/2022

Minds Studio collaborated closely with the CEO and leadership team of UNIR to develop confidential strategic projects for the PROEDUCA Group. Stay tuned for the forthcoming publication unveiling the outcomes of this collaboration.

Starting up Universities, 2023

This project serves as a platform for highlighting some of the most noteworthy initiatives in the realm of higher education, featured in UNIR’s publication, Nueva Revista. While these projects represent trailblazing efforts across various global regions, it’s important to note that they are not the sole endeavors in this domain. Each participant has been afforded the opportunity to articulate their primary value proposition and business model within a concise framework of fewer than 3,000 words.

All their contributions can be found HERE ( 🇬🇧 English version).

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#Learning #Community

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Designed and launched a new project within the UNIR students community -under NDA-, 2023

In 2023, following years of collaboration with UNIR, we played a pivotal role in crafting and initiating an innovative project aimed at engaging thousands of students across Spain and Latin America. The results of this collaboration will be published in due time.

Minds Studio Contributors


Alvaro Sanmartin

Learning Experience Strategy

My life’s work revolves around discovering and experimenting with innovative learning methods that empower individuals to acquire new skills, ultimately transforming their lives for the better.

The Minds Studio Network

In addition to the project lead and contributors, Minds Studio relies on a network of over 50 professionals spanning across 15 countries. These individuals are aligned with the purpose of Minds Studio and are available to participate in projects when needed.