Growing the European EdTech Startups community with EdTech Garage

At Minds Studio we welcome EdTech Garage to the family of companies building the future of education and technology. This is a very special project for us because it aims to grow the EdTech ecosystem as a whole instead of just one product.

What is EdTech Garage?

EdTech Garage is a non-profit helping startup builders in the idea stage & founders in pre-seed/seed stage within K12, higher education, corporate education and lifelong learning.

What does EdTech Garage offer?

Mainly, a community of +100 early stage founders who are going through similar situations, in different parts of Europe. Some of the activities that are currently taking place at the EdTech garage are:

?? Member Community & Network

Introductions to other EdTech startups in Europe with the goal of learning and growing together.

? Founders Matchmaking

Access to other EdTech companies’ founders and pitch decks, curated by the EdTech Garage team.

? Meetups across Europe

Regular in-person and online events on a wide range of topics relevant to EdTech founders.

??‍? Resources & Founder Tracks

Curated resources on funding, internationalization and a directory of the incubators, accelerators, VCs, newsletters, etc.

How is Minds Studio going to be helping EdTech Garage?

In summary, we have been part of the EdTech Garage community for some time, and we believe we can enhance and empower it working together. We will be working on:

?‍?‍?‍? Growing the EdTech Garage family providing relevant content

??‍? Design new learning activities and events to bring people together

? Build strategic alliances with other EdTech networks and Partners

How can people join the network?

It is quite easy. Just visit the EdTech Garage website and fill out the application. This is a paid -but affordable- founders community, but if you want to try it out with a discounted fee, please fill out the your contact details below and we will be in touch with a membership discount 😉

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